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MAO uses state of the art technology to …

  • Aggregate critical information
  • Format data in “user friendly” forms
  • Transmit digitally, rapidly and accurately
  • Communicate wherever and whenever necessary

Benefits to our clients…

  • Efficient and effective communications
  • No down time waiting for documents
  • Enhanced accuracy in operations and reporting
  • Presentations for meetings easily produced
  • Data easily applied to spreadsheets and financial calculations
  • Clients nationwide can utilize our services

Our technical capabilities include:


Our mapping solutions put topographical and other relevant information including net revenue and working interests, unitization, well locations, aerial views and a complete data base in one digital, easy to understand document.  This system is unique to our company.  

Software Capability

MAO’s technical platform for mapping includes: AutoCad, G.I.S. and ArcView. This allows information transmittal to clients in a variety of formats.


MAO utilizes this Microsoft program to facilitate collaboration among our team to manage content of documents, monitor and implement workflow and streamline the process of working on projects with professionals who are at multiple remote sites.This technology allows seamless communication at all levels of a project.

Video Conferencing

MAO has in-house video conferencing.  This method of communicating adds clarity to communications and allows us to work with clients nationwide.  Our large flat screen and wired conference room facilitates meetings at our office so that we make the most use of our clients’ time.

Professional Abstract Reports

MAO’s Abstracts are presented in bound copies and CD formats. They are easily presented in meetings and referenced for future use.

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